Our mission

Founded in 1990, Le Bilboquet is one of the first microbreweries in Quebec. Since then, it has never stopped innovating to offer to its consumers a wide variety of exceptional beers. Le Bilboquet specializes in the production of craft beers, including unfiltered and aged beers. Made from malted barley, wheat, top quality hops and selected yeast, our beers of all styles are constantly renewed to remain up to date to the consumers’ tastes.

Our mission: produce quality beers while remaining accessible and consistent!

An independent microbrewery

Le Bilboquet is a proud member of the Association des Microbrasseries du Québec and the Canadian Craft Brewers Association. The new Independent Craft Seal identifies beer that are produced and sold by an independent Canadian brewer. You can find this seal on all of our products.


Creative, passionate and talented, our brewers have been committed to our customers’ taste experience for over 30 years.
It’s thanks to their desire to innovate that year after year we manage to create new beers, each as delicious as the other.


Bilboquet’s beers are available everywhere in Quebec thanks to its team of 4 sales representative. Our products are currently distributed through a Quebec network of more than 800 retailers. If you are interested in our products for your business or retail store, you can contact our team:

Éric Chenette
Territory: South-East Shore, Montreal

Jean-François Joannette
Territory: Eastern Townships, Southwestern Shore, Montreal

Phil Magnan
Territory: Quebec

Stéphane St-Pierre
Territory: South Shore and Surroundings


After 20 years in the field of real estate, Jonathan Robin left to jump in the beverage industry. He decided to put together an industrial incubator on Choquette Boulevard and regroup companies that specialize in the production and distribution of innovative products in the field of brewing, spirits and beverages. From this idea was born the Station Agro-Biotech that regroups brands such as Le Bilboquet microbrewery, NOROI distillery, OLTEN brewery, FIXIT kombucha and Littoral sodas. They all have one thing in common: the desire to shine and stand out in their respective industry.

In February 2019, Jonathan Robin officially acquired Le Bilboquet and became the sole owner of this 30-year-old microbrewery.

Distillerie Noroi

Fixit Kombucha



It is the hard work of our brewers and our constant efforts to ensure the quality of our beers that have made the success of our microbrewery. Guided by the desire to innovate, our talented brewers are committed to offer new beers that follow trends but lead in quality and taste.

With the acquisition of a second plant and modern state-of-the-art equipment, Le Bilboquet has considerably increased its production capacity and offers a range of trendy products in addition to its classics.

It is essential for the microbrewery to adapt itself to the industry in order to ensure its growth and continue its development.


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